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Fall 2017 – MPB™ Multi-Purpose Blister 

With over 45 years’ experience in the field, Medi-Dose has been recognized as the leader in solid oral unit dose packaging. With the company’s new versatile Multi-Purpose Blisters, you can easily package, label and secure even more sizes and types of meds....

Fall 2017 - Ster-Tamp Tamper-Clear Syringe Seals

The Tamper-Clear Syringe Seal provides a tamper-evident seal with clear visibility of syringe graduations. It’s easily applied over the syringe cap and maintains the integrity of the medication and packaging…even when refrigerated. Once removed, the seal can’t be reapplied....

Fall 2017 - Corrections Forum • The Pill Drill: Keys to Safer Medication Management & Distribution

Medication distribution can be one of the riskiest procedures in any correctional facility due to the high volume of inmate patients, possible black market selling scenarios and violent situations that could occur....

Fall 2017 - New Enhancements to MILT 4

Customers using MILT 4, Medi-Dose’s industry leading unit dose labeling software, can now install the latest free update. Update 4014 includes Error-Prone Formatting Check, Reporting Enhancements, Date Enhancements and the new Pump Feature.


Summer 2017 - White Paper: Bar Codes and Bar Code Scanners for Unit-Dose Medications in a Healthcare Setting

In action, bar codes look like a magic trick. With a simple pass by a scanner the bar code unlocks hidden information, sets in motion actions making commerce easier, and can even prevent mistakes from happening....

Winter 2017 - New ENFit Products


Fall 2016 - Corrections Forum • Med Control: Mission Impossible?

Every facility’s mission of medication dispensing is fraught with problems: Securing medications, dispelling diversions all the while untangling tracking and compliance complications. These just scratch the surface with deeper problems stacking up right behind: funding, staffing, and medication issues themselves....