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Steri-Dropper Bottles

Sterile dropping bottles in convenient 2-Packs!
    • Sterile Packs of 2 Bottles, Tips and Caps
    • Special Zinc Stearate-Free Resin
    • 4 Sizes - 3, 7, 10 and 15 ml

Steri-Dropper ophthalmic dropping bottles are ideal when extemporaneous or small batches of sterile eye meds need to be prepared.  Available in 4 sizes - 3, 7,10 and 15 ml - each Steri-Dropper blister contains 2 bottles, 2 tips and 2 caps.  Package just what you need...when you need it!   

All Steri-Dropper bottles are manufactured from a special zinc stearate-free resin. This special plastic minimizes the risk of particulate forming in solution with certain ophthalmic preparations.

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