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I.V. Bag Rings (500 Rings)

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Identify Multiple IV Bags by Patient, Department, Floor, etc!
    • Safely and Economically Identify IV Bags
    • Keeps Bags Together for Quick Identification
    • Opens Easily to Separate Bags
    • Large 1" Diameter Accommodates Multiple Bags
    • Color Won't Fade with Use
    • Non-Brittle Plastic Holds Up to Repetitive Use
    • Available in 10 distinctive colors:  Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Black, White, Yellow, Orange , Pink and Purple

Our IV Bag Rings, available in 10 colors, are designed for pharmacy to safely and economically identify multiple I.V. bags by patient, department, floor...whatever way you want. 

The rings keep bags together for quick identification, yet rings pull open easily to separate bags. Made of heavy, round, plastic rod, the rings are resilient and springy. They're easy to apply and can be used anywhere quick identification is needed.

They're not brittle and their color won't fade with use.  They’re available in 10 distinctive colors: Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Purple.

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