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Oral Dispensers (100 Dispensers)

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Cost effective high quality oral dispensers!
  • Innovative One-Piece Plunger replaces old style rubber grommet and silicone coating with a unique wiper design
  • No small parts reduces risk of choking
  • Accurate calibration lines are 100% inspected for accuracy
  • Graduated in ml and fractionated teaspoons for easy measuring
  • Large flange area for easier dispensing
  • Low capacity tip reservoir ensures proper dose delivery and saves on expensive “over-filling”
  • Perfect for oral and topical applications * Prohibits the acceptance of hypodermic needles
  • Standard Tip Caps Included
Oral Dispensers are available in 4 sizes - 1, 3, 5 and 10 ml. They're designed with an innovative One-Piece Plunger construction, eliminating rubber grommets and silicone coating and faciliting an easy sliding of the plunger through the barrel. The dispensers are completely latex-free and contain graduations in both milliliters and fractionated teaspoon measurements.  The unique tip is design for easier oral and topical dispensing applications and prohibits acceptance of hypodermic needles. The low-capacity tip reservoir reduced residual content and ensures maximum delivery of medication.

Oral Dispensers can be capped with either the included Standard Tip Caps, or with our novel “Wagon Wheel” stand design which provides a solid base for standing dispensers on counter tops where they can be easily handled when administering medication. Its large design reduces the potential of pediatric choking.

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