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MILT 3.0  Update 3.0.04
Function Menu
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The Function Menu allows you to add special fields to your label patterns that will calculate at print time.

fxQTY: Quantity Printed - Prints the number of labels (doses) selected.

fxLID: Label ID Number - Prints a sequential number, starting with 1, on each label in a print job. 

*NOTE* Because it is added to each individual label at print time, the fxLID function has special properties:

  • This function is always printed with a Bold 7pt Courier New Font
  • It will not respond to any formatting command (i.e. Bold, Font Size, Align Left, etc.)
  • Only one copy of this function can be used on a pattern at a time
  • It can only be moved around inside the Label 1 area.

fxPID: Print ID Number - Prints a sequential number for each print job.  Print jobs that do not have an fxLID will not increment the sequential number.  The number for the next print job can be set in Function Settings on this menu.

fxRND: Random Number - Prints a random number.  The number of digits can be set in the Funcion Settings on this menu.

Function Settings - Change settings for certain functions:

fxRND - Number of Digits:  1 to 20

fxLID - Next ID Number: 1 to 9,999,999 (increments by 1 each time you print a pattern that has a fxLID fuction)