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Brightly Colored Lid-Label Covers

Call Special Attention to Your Special Medications!

● Choose Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Yellow or Pink
● Available for Our Circular, Oval and MPB Multi-Purpose Blisters
● Cold Seal - No Machinery Required
● Tamper-Evident Yet Easy to Open
● Moisture Resistant
● 12 or 6 Month Beyond-Use Dating
● Perforated for Easy Separation of Doses
● Manufactured from FDA Acceptable Materials
 Medi-Dose System Pricing Chart
Clearly identifying medications that require special handling, such as those covered by USP <800>, is important for the safety of your staff and patients. Because of the overwhelmingly positive response to our bright Yellow Lid-Label Covers for our Circular, Oval and MPB-Multi-Purpose Medi-Cup Blisters, Medi-Dose has now added 5 more brightly colored Lid-Label Covers – Blue, Red, Orange, Green and Pink - to help you call attention to specific classes of drugs. 

Like all our Lid-Label Covers they provide a tamper-evident and moisture resistant seal. When printed with our powerful and easy MILT software, 1-D or 2-D bar codes, graphics, special fonts, tall man lettering, shapes, logos and symbols (such as bio-hazard, NIOSH, etc.) can be utilized to further highlight important dispensing information and minimize the potential for medication error. 

“We’re always working to improve the medication packaging experience for pharmacists while helping to reduce errors”, says Robert Braverman, President of Medi-Dose. “These new labels demonstrate our commitment to helping you maintain the safety of your patients and practitioners, while maximizing the efficiency of your practice.”