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The right bag for the job!
    • Resealable Bags
    • Chemo-Safety Bags
    • Specimen Bags
    • Handling Instruction Bags
    • Crash Cart Bags
    • Nultraviolet Bags
    • All Latex Free

In addition to being unit dose specialists, we have helped many practitioners by designing and providing novel solutions to meet their specific requirements.  This is how our wide line of resealable and ultraviolet inihbitant bags was born.  If we don't have the exact bag you're looking for, please let us know,  and we'll try and make it for you!


Chemo-Safety Bags
for Safe Transportation and Handling of Cytotoxic and Anti-Neoplastic Agents, Supplies and Accessories
Crash-Cart Bags
Our Crash Cart Bags deter tampering of crash-cart box contents and help health care practitioners organize and maintain exchange boxes while keeping them clean and secure in storage.
Nultraviolet Bags
Protect Your IV Medication from Ultraviolet Light
Resealable Plastic Bags (Amber Ultraviolet Inhibitant)
Amber Ultraviolet Inhibitant Resealable Bags
Resealable Plastic Bags (Clear)
Clear & White Block Resealable Bags
Resealable Plastic Bags
Imprinted Resealable Bags
Resealable Plastic Bags (White Writing Block)
Resealable Plastic Bags (White Writing Block)
Specimen Bags
For Safe Handling and Transporting of Laboratory Samples
Tamper Evident Syringe Bags
Clear or Amber Ultra-Violet Inhibitant Tamper-Evident Syringe Bags in Two Sizes