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IV Pharmacy/Nursing

Innovative and economical IV products!
    • Safety Products
    • Labeling Products
    • Filtering Products
    • Dispensing Products

Labels for IV line tracings and high alert medications, filters for sterilization, bags to protect medication from ultraviolet light, syringe caps and tamper-evident closures for luer lock fittings are just a few of the products and devices we manufacture and market for your IV dispensing and preparation needs. 

Chemo-Safety Bags
For Safe Transportation and Handling of Cytotoxic and Anti-Neoplastic Agents, Supplies & Accessories
Cleanroom Supplies
Cleanroom Supplies
Combi-Cap Device
Male/Female Luer Lock Closures
Disposable Disc Filter
0.2 Micron for Sterilization, Particulate or Lipid Filtration, Low Protein Binding
Double Ended Medication Transfer Needle
For IV Infusion Bag or Bottle Transfer of Medication
Filter Needle
5 Micron for Particulate Filtration
Guarded Luer Lock Connectors
Female to Female, and Female to Male Guarded Luer Lock Connectors
Injection Port 4
Compressed, Recessed Non-Latex Injection Port
IV Bag Rings
Identify Multiple IV Bags by Patient, Department, Floor, etc
IV Medication Added Labels
Easy and useful IV Labels!
Line Tracing Labels
Special Labels to trace IV lines for High Alert and other Special Medication Needs
Needle Safe II
Needle Uncapper/Recapper
Nultraviolet Bags
Protect Your IV Medication from Ultraviolet Light
3 sizes of Disposable Plastic Fracture & Safety Collars, Ideal for Opening Ampules
Sharps Disposal
For Safe Disposal of IV Needles, Hypodermic and Blood Products.
ShrinkSafe Paralytic Agent ID Bands
Easy to Apply Shrink Band System for High Alert Medications
ShrinkSafe Sealed For Your Protection Bands
Clear Bands with "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" Imprint in Five Sizes
Steri-Tamp® IV Seals
IV seals specifically designed to protect IV bags, vials and syringes from tampering and contamination. When applied, the seal’s medical-grade foil outer layer provides immediate visible evidence of a needle puncture.
TampAlerT Syringe Cap
Sterile closures for IV syringes
Tamper Evident Syringe Bags
Clear or Amber Ultra-Violet Inhibitant Tamper-Evident Syringe Bags in Two Sizes
Universal Clamp-On Accessories
Add convenience and functionality to your existing I.V. poles, rails, wheelchairs...anywhere you can attach a clamp.
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Omnispense Microprocessor Dispenser
Price: $3,994.40
Omnispense Microprocessor Dispenser
Omnispense Microprocessor Dispenser