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Labels to solve all your problems!
    • Pharmacy Auxiliary Labels
    • Line Tracing Labels
    • ShrinkSafe High Alert Bands
    • Tamper-Evident Labels
    • Stock Sterile Labels for OR
    • Nursing Chart and Label Tapes

Often, the most important interaction you will have with the other members of your patient care team will be through your labels.  It is imperative that you clearly and concisely communicate the information they need to provide the best possible care and to avoid costly mistakes.

All of our labeling products have been selected or created with the input of professionals like you.  Benefit from the real world experience of your peers by using these labeling products to help your team work safely and effectively.

LiquiDose Tamper-Evident Labeling
for liquid or general medication identification
Line Tracing Labels
Special IV Labels for Heparin, Insulin, Chemo and Epidural Medications
Pharmacy Auxiliary Labels
Instructional Information Labels
Flag Warning Labels
Flag Warning Labels
ShrinkSafe Paralytic Agent ID Bands
Easy to Apply Shrink Band System for High Alert Medications
ShrinkSafe Sealed For Your Protection Bands
Clear Bands with "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" Imprint in Five Sizes
Stock STERILE Labels
Stay JCAHO Compliant
IV Medication Additive Labels
Easy and useful IV Labels!