* NOTE * The NDC Update process has changed. 

Please read these instructions carefully.

Database Updated: 6/25/2024

1. Click here to begin the download:  NDC Update Download
2. On the "File Download - Security Warning" screen, press <Run>
3. On the "Security Warning" screen, press <Run>
4. On the "WinZip" screen, enter the path to your Medi-Dose software and press <Unzip>.  The default paths are:
     MILT 3.0 = c:\program files\MILT30\
     MILT 2.6 = c:\program files\MILT26\
     MILT 2 = c:\program files\MILT2\
     MILT 1 = c:\program files\MILT\
     MD2001 = c:\program files\MD2001\
     MD2000 = c:\MD2000\
5. Restart your Medi-Dose software to finish the update.     800-523-8966


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