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Auxiliary Label - Neuromuscular Blocking Agent Warning - Butterfly (1,000 Labels)

Price: $64.45
Item Number: TL-AXC107

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1 to 9$64.45
10 to 24$63.16
25 to 99$61.22
100 or more$59.61

  • Ideal for Syringes, Ampules and Odd Shaped Containers
  • 10 Labels per Sheet
  • 100 Sheets per Pack (1,000 Doses)

Neuromuscular blocking agents have a well-documented history of causing catastrophic injuries or death when inadvertently administered to adult and pediatric patients who were not receiving proper ventilatory assistance. Because neuromuscular blockers paralyze the muscles necessary for breathing, some patients have died or sustained serious, permanent injuries if the paralysis was not witnessed by a practitioner who could intervene.

To help pharmacists comply with the recommendations of ISMP and other authorities, Medi-Dose has created a series of Neuromuscular Blocking Agent Warning Labels available in preprinted sheets.  By recommendation, auxiliary labels stating “WARNING: PARALYZING AGENT – CAUSES RESPIRATORY ARREST – PATIENT MUST BE VENTILATED” should be placed on all storage bins and final medication containers (e.g., vials, syringes, IV bags) of neuromuscular blocking agents to clearly communicate that respiratory paralysis will occur and ventilation is required.

Additionally, the same images are available for customers who use our MILT software so they can easily add the warning to their unit dose packaging and labeling.

“Often the most effective means of communication between health care professionals is through labeling”, notes Robert Braverman, President of Medi-Dose.  “Our Neuromuscular Blocking Agents Warning Labels were created to help health care practitioners alert one another and their patients to these new concerns when this medication is dispensed.  Like our existing line of auxiliary warning labels and images, this series of labels help call attention to specific medication information to promote safety, increase awareness and reduce errors.”  

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