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Pharmacy Auxiliary Labels

Cost-Effective Warning and Information Labels!
    • Easily Identifiable Graphics
    • Brightly Colored
    • Spanish and French Available
    • 3/8" x 1 1/2"

Packaged in packs of 1000, our Auxiliary Labels contain Warnings, Dietary information, instructions for Routes of Administrations, Cautionary details…even messages in Spanish and French.

All labels measure 3/8” x 1 ½” and are brightly colored so they call attention to themselves.  Because these labels have been in use for years, the graphics depicting what’s being described are instantly recognized by your patients and practitioners.

As always, if you do not find the item you are looking for, please call us at 800-523-8966!

Pharmex Original Copyrighted Warning Labels were copied/printed with authorization by TimeMed Labeling Systems, Inc.

Peanut and Soy Allergy Warning
Pre-Printed Labels and MILT Images
Route of Administration
Ten distinct auxiliary labels alert your patients to the appropriate route of administration.
Administration Instructions
Fifteen easily identifiable graphics and text help patients and practitioners administer meds correctly.
Warning Information
Sixteen of the most popular auxiliary labels command attention and speak clearly to your patients.
Legal Warning/Information
Eleven auxiliary labels help your patients understand and comply with federal and state drug laws.
Dietary Information
Sixteen labels with clear dietary instructions for your patients.
Expiration Information
Eleven designs call attention to important expiration information.
Caution Information
Four auxiliary labels alert practitioners to materials that need special handling.
Refill Information
Eighteen common refill notice labels to help keep your patients informed
Dosing Information
Thirteen well known auxiliary labels alert your patients to important dosing information.
Dosing Frequency
Nine distinct auxiliary labels alert your patients to the appropriate dosing frequency.
Storage Instructions
Six distinct auxiliary labels alert your patients to appropriate storage needs.
Generic Information
Nine auxiliary labels highlight information about generic drugs.
Reimbursement & Pricing
Three designs that help your patients understand price changes and reimbursement issues.
Miscellaneous Information
Four eye-catching designs with clear messages for your customers.
Forty-Two of our best auxiliary labels in Spanish.