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Safety Products

It's always safety first!
  • Care Giver Protection
  • Tamper Evidency
  • Identification
  • Specimen Handling
  • Disposal
The safety of your patients and your team members is at the top of our product design and selection criteria.  We understand the pressures and dangers inherent to your profession, and always strive to provide you with the best possible tools to assist in your safety awareness and error prevention efforts.

Cellulose Self-Sealing Bands
Wet Plastic Bands Shrink Tightly as They Dry
Chemo-Safety Transport Bag
For Safe Transportation and Handling of Cytotoxic and Anti-Neoplastic Agents, Supplies & Accessories
Line Tracing Labels
Special IV Labels for Heparin, Insulin, Chemo and Epidural Medications
NeedleSafe II
Needle Uncapper/Recapper
3 sizes of Disposable Plastic Fracture & Safety Collars, Ideal for Opening Ampules
Safety Control Tamper-Evident Seals & Sets
Metal & Plastic, Numbered and Unnumbered Seals for Quick Visual Identification of Tampering
ShrinkSafe Paralytic Agent ID Bands
Easy to Apply Shrink Band System for High Alert Medications
ShrinkSafe Sealed For Your Protection Bands
Clear Bands with "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" Imprint in Five Sizes
Specimen Bags
For Safe Handling and Transporting of Laboratory Samples
TampAlerT IV Syringe Cap
Sterile closures for IV syringes
TampAlerT Oral Dispenser Cap
Tamper-Evident Cap for Oral Dispensers
TampAlerT Security Envelope
Tamper-Evident Transport Envelope
Tamper Evident Syringe Bags
Clear or Amber Ultra-Violet Inhibitant Tamper-Evident Syringe Bags in Two Sizes
Warning Labels
Auxiliary Labels Designed for Prescription Containers