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Tamper Evidence

Easy and safe tamper evidence!
  • Solid and Liquid Unit Dose Systems
  • Crash Cart Tray Bags
  • Control Seals and Sets
  • Easy Visual Tamper Evident Seals
It might feel like it some days, but you just can't be everywhere all the time.  Our Tamper Evident products can help you control the safety and security of materials that travel throughout your facility.

With an emphasis on ease of use and the best possible pricing, we have a tamper evident solution to suit your needs and your budget.

Cellulose Self-Sealing Bands
Wet Plastic Bands Shrink Tightly as They Dry
LiquiDose Tamper-Evident Labeling
for liquid or general medication identification
Medi-Dose Unit Dose Packaging
Tamper-Evident, Light Resistant, Moisture Resistant Packaging for Solid Oral Medication
Safety Control Seals & Sets
Metal & Plastic, Numbered and Unnumbered Seals for Quick Visual Identification of Tampering
ShrinkSafe Paralytic Agent ID Bands
Easy to Apply Shrink Band System for High Alert Medications
ShrinkSafe Sealed For Your Protection Bands
Clear Bands with "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" Imprint in Five Sizes
TampAlerT Syringe Cap
Sterile closures for IV syringes
TampAlerT Labels
When visual tamper detection is essential, labels easily tear when removed from applied surfaces
TampAlerT Liquid Packaging
Tamper-Evident Liquid Packaging with a Twist of the Wrist
TampAlerT Oral Dispenser Cap
Tamper-Evident Cap for Oral Dispensers
TampAlerT Security Envelopes
Tamper-Evident Transport Envelope
Tamper-Evident Tape with Unique Visual Signature
Tamper Evident Syringe Bags
Clear or Amber Ultra-Violet Inhibitant Tamper-Evident Syringe Bags in Two Sizes