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Unispense PRO

Price: $4,210.78

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Accurate, repetitive, automatic dispensing!
    • Highly intuitive Icon Driven User Interface enables fast, easy setup and operation
    • Trouble-Free Calibration protocol requires minimal user inputs
    • Ultra High Precision Stepper Motor ensures accurate dispense volumes required for multi-well plates and microcentrifuge tubes
    • Compact Design with large 5# LCD backlit display
    • Programming and help screens provided in six languages to enable User-Friendly Operation in international laboratories
    • Engineered to comply with Industry Standards including UL, CSA, CE, WEEE and RoHs Compliant
    • 1 year warranty
    • NOTE - International Orders May Require Wire Transfer Payment


Operating Voltage: Nominal 120-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 
 Power Consumption: 140 watts maximum 
Fuses: 2.0 AT 5X20MM 250V – (100-120V) 1.0 AT 5X20MM 250V – (220-240V)
 Fixed Operating Speeds: 75 and 150 RPM (selectable) 
Installation Category: Class II 

Operating temperature: 15°C to 40°C 
Humidity: 80% up to 31°C / 50% at 40°C 
Altitude limit: 2000 meters 

Overall Dimensions: (includes attached pump head) 7” H x 8 ¾” W x 13” D (in) 17.8H x 22.3W x 33.0D (cm) 
Weight: 11.8 lbs, 5.4 kg A
vailable WHEATON Tubing Sizes: 2,3,6,8 mm ID
Maximum Dispense Range for All Tubing Sizes: .01 - 9999.99 mL 

 Approximate Flow Rate Ranges For Various Tubing Sizes, +/- 3%: 2.0mm ID: 0.5 mL/sec and 1.0 mL/sec 3.0mm ID: 1.0 mL/sec and 2.0 mL/sec 6.0mm ID: 3.5 mL/sec and 7.1 mL/sec 8.0mm ID: 5.6 mL/sec and 11.2 mL/sec 
Vertical Head Height: APPROXIMATELY 6 FT (2 METERS) 
 Ingress Protection Rating: 31 

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