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Anesthesiology Label Images for MILT 3.0

Because of the potential dangers inherent in the medications used in anesthesiology, the American Society of Anesthesiologists has issued statements on the standardization of label colors used on these medications.

Using the guidelines published by ASA and ASTM, Medi-Dose has created images that you can use with MILT 3.0 to create color coded labels for anesthesiology medications in three sizes: LD130 for larger syringes and bags, LD6200 for smaller syringes, and Color Blocks that can be edited and re-sized to accommodate any of our label types.

"Because MILT 3.0 gives you full control over the design and layout of your labels, you can add bar codes, graphics and any information you require," said Bob Braverman, Director of Marketing for Medi-Dose / EPS.  "This flexibility, combined with the built-in control over who can design and print labels, makes MILT 3.0 an invaluable tool in your practice."

Please follow these instructions to add the Anesthesiology Label Images to your MILT 3.0 software and to learn how to add images to your label pattern.  Once installed, you can find the images in the C:\Program Files\MILT30\Images\Anesthesiology\folder.