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Autodrop (10 Units)

Price: $42.88
Item Number: PC6000

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1 to 9$42.88
10 to 24$40.73
25 to 49$39.66
50 or more$38.59
Makes dispensing eye drops easier!
  • Clips onto Majority of Eye-Drop Bottles
  • Holds Bottle at Proper Angle
  • Small Lip Holds Lower Eyelid Open
  • Unique Pinhole Directs Eyesight Upward and Away from Descending Drops
  • Can be Used with Autosqueeze to Make Eye Drop Dispensing Even Easier!
Our Autodrop device clips onto the majority of eyedrop bottles and holds the bottle at the correct angle over the eye. A small lip holds the lower eyelid open to prevent blinking while a unique pinhole directs the eyesight upward, away from descending drops. Medication goes in the eye, not down the cheek.

Both Autodrop and Autosqueeze can be used to together in order to further ease medication dispensing. And both can be used throughout the entire course of therapy.

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