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Auxiliary Images with MILT 3.0

Using MILT 3.0, our custom designed Auxiliary Images can be added to your patterns and printed on any of our supported label types.

Sample Images:



How to Install:

1. Run this file: AI07.exe 

2. At the Winzip screen, click UNZIP and then close the Winzip screen. 

How to Add Images to Your Label Pattern:

Click the Add Image Button:

2. Browse to your images and select one (Default Image Location = C:\Program Files\MILT30\Images\AuxiliaryImages\):

3. Our images were created large so they re-size well.  Grab a dot on the edge of the image and re-size it to fit on your label:

4. Now move the image to the location you want it to appear on your label:

5. When the label looks good to you, press the Pattern Menu Button and choose Save New or Overwrite to save your changes to the pattern:

6. If you save a drug to your formulary when this pattern is open, every time someone chooses that drug it will have this image on the pattern.  One pattern can be used with many drugs.

NOTE: You could also create a pattern where the image fills the label so you are just printing auxiliary labels without drug specific information.  We recommend using our Mini-LiquiDose and LiquiDose labels for this purpose.