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E-Z Grad Bottles

Price: From $63.77 to $87.64

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Ideal for liquids, solids and powders!
    • Graduated Bottles in Six Sizes - 30 ml (1 oz / 11 dram) to 180 ml (6 oz / 60 dram)
    • Green or Amber Colors - Both are Ultraviolet Inhibitant 
    • One Size Cap Fits All Sizes of Bottles
    • Manufactured from Durable Polypropylene
    • Choose E-Z Grad (Child or Non-Child Resistant) or TampAlerT Tamper Evident (Child or Non-Child Resistant) Caps (Sold Separately - See Below)
    • Works with Our PBA33 Press-In Bottle Adapters

Pharmacists often find themselves in delicate situations where medication dispensing is concerned.  Not only do they have to safely prepare and package a wide variety of solids, liquids, powders and solutions, but they have to do it with the lowest possible impact on their limited time, space and budget.


Medi-Dose/EPS helps address this issue with its new E-Z Grad Bottles.  All six sizes of bottles use the same lid which minimizes confusion and storage requirements.  All the bottles are also clearly marked with both ounces and milliliters which helps eliminate waste by providing accurate measurements directly on the container.


Available in either green or amber, the ultraviolet inhibitant E-Z Grad Bottles are stocked in six sizes from 1oz/30mL to 6oz/180mL.  While they all use the same size cap, you can choose either child resistant or non-child resistant styles, with or without tamper-evident seals, to suit your needs and budget.  


“With the enormous volume and variety of items pharmacists and technicians are expected to manage and dispense,” notes Bob Braverman, Director of Marketing, “even the smallest improvement in the process can have a great impact on the safety and cost-effectiveness of their practice.  Products like our E-Z Grad Bottles are designed to be flexible enough to match the unique needs of your operation, yet simple enough to not upset the delicate balance you have worked to maintain.”

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