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Injection-Port 4 (100 Ports)

Price: $74.44
Item Number: IV2004

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Injection-Port 4

Compressed, Recessed Non-Latex Injection Port!
  • Transparent device provides immediate detection of blood flashback.
  • Non-removable compressed port instantly reseals, permitting repetitive injections with relatively large gauge needles.
  • Large surface are design helps prevent bacterial buildup and reduces alcohol retention when swabbing.
  • Wide interior needle channel lowers possibility of damage to needles, catheters and device upon penetration.
  • Luer-lock fitting offers secure connection.
  • Non-slip ridged base aids practitioner to attach unit tightly, preventing leakage.
  • Unique construction lowers incidence of coring, burring, and needle bending.
  • Individual Soft-pak™opens easily preventing compromise of sterility.
  • Small size reduces patient trauma and provides increased comfort.
  • Port is constructed of synthetic polyisoprene to eliminate latex sensitivity. 

Our latex-free Injection Port 4 is ideal for use with catheters, extension sets, reconstitution devices---anywhere you need a luer lock cutoff or injection site. Building upon our earlier port technology, Injection Port 4 has been designed with a completely transparent bottom, allowing the practitioner to immediately detect blood flashback.

The non-removable, flat, compressed port allows repetitive injections with relatively large gauge needles, yet reseals.  Listening to IV Pharmacy and Nursing teams, we considerably reduced the recession of the port from previous versions. This improvement prevents bacterial buildup and reduces alcohol "pooling" (retention) when swabbing.

The entire device is small, minimizing patient trauma at the injection site. Injection Port 4's wide interior needle channel lowers the possibility of damage to needles, catheters and other devices upon penetration. Its unique construction lowers the incidence of coring, burring and needle bending.  The special luer lock design and non-slip ridged base offer a secure connection wherever it's placed, preventing leakage.

Injection Port 4 devices are individually packaged. Use only what you need! Each package has been specially designed using a low gauge plastic shielding for easy opening.  Plus, the package helps prevent "touch contamination" and other possible compromises in sterility.

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