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MPB - Multi-Purpose Blister

MPB (Multi-Purpose Blisters)

With over 45 years’ experience in the field, Medi-Dose has been recognized as the leader in solid oral unit dose packaging. With the company’s new versatile Multi-Purpose Blisters, you can easily package, label and secure even more sizes and types of meds.  Large medication, compounded and USP <800> drugs, double and triple “0” capsules, unit of use packaging, repacked meds and suppositories are just a few of the medication forms that can be accommodated with the new MPB. 

All Multi-Purpose Blisters are tamper-evident, moisture resistant and ultraviolet inhibitant.  Each blister has a 2” x 2” label and is available in either 1-1/4” or 5/8” depths to suit your packaging and storage requirements.  Flexible label formatting of the MPB labels is compatible with the company’s MILT 4 software. 

“We’re always working to improve the medication packaging experience for pharmacists”, says Robert Braverman, President of Medi-Dose.  “Now, all the features and benefits of the Medi-Dose packaging system have been extended to these hard-to-package dosage forms.  The MPB product line demonstrates our commitment to helping you maximize the efficiency of your practice while consistently maintaining the safety of your patients and personnel.”


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