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Medi-Dose/EPS Support


MILT 3.0 - Current Version.

Updates (MILT 3.0)

Updates add new features and repair issues discovered in the field.

  • 3.0.05e(Adds Square and Flag Labels)
  • 3.0.04a (Must be at version 3.0.03d to install this update!)
  • 3.0.03d  (Use only under the guidance of a Medi-Dose Support Technician! )
  • 3.0.02 ( Included in 3.0.03d - Use only under the guidance of a Medi-Dose Support Technician! )
Windows 7 Installation Instructions.
Determine your Windows 7 Version:
  1. Click START MENU
  2. Right Click on COMPUTER
  3. Choose PROPERTIES
  4. The SYSTEM TYPE will display 32 BIT or 64 BIT

If you have 32 BIT - Follow these instructions.

If you have 64 BIT - MILT 3.0 will not run on 64 BIT.  Please try our new version, MILT 4.

"Windows Application 1 has stopped working"  error message

Please follow these instructions: 3.0.04a

Windows Permission Errors

MILT 3.0 needs users to have WRITE permissions to C:\Program Files\MILT30\ and its sub-folders.  If you do not have WRITE permissions, you will experience some or all of these symptoms:
  • "Requires updateable query..." error message
  • Error when printing
  • Error when saving changes
  • Prints the same drug every time

To add WRITE permissions for all users:

  1. Open C:\PROGRAM FILES folder
  2. Right Click on MILT30 folder - choose PROPERTIES
  3. Choose the SECURITY TAB
  4. (Windows 7 Only) Click EDIT
  5. Choose USERS on top half and then add WRITE permission on bottom half
  6. XP ClickAPPLY - Windows 7 click OK
  7. Click ADVANCED
  8. (Windows 7 Only) Click CHANGE PERMISSIONS
  9. Remove check from "Include inheritable permissions..." and then choose ADD or COPY when prompted
  10. Add check to "Replace all child object permissions..." and then choose OK
  11. Choose OK on all screens

* NOTE - If you have your database published to a network folder, you will need to perform the above steps on that folder also.

Laser Printer Issues

Some of our heavier label stock can experience feed or toner adhesion issue on some laser printers.  If you are using a multi-tray printer, try printing the labels through the “manual feed” tray. The less turns the labels have to go through, the better.  You can also take a look at the driver settings so the printer knows it is printing labels versus just plain paper.


  1. Open your <START> menu and select <PRINTERS AND FAXES>  (If you are running Windows 7, select <DEVICES AND PRINTERS>)
  2. Right click on the printer icon that you are having trouble with and choose <PRINTING PREFERENCES>
  3. For most printers, the media type can be found under the “PAPER” or “PAPER/QUALITY” tab  (it will be listed as “Paper type” or “media type” for example)
  4. Change the setting to <LABELS> and choose <APPLY> (this option will reduce the speed inside the printer to avoid jams)
  5. Proceed to test
  6. If the labels are still jamming, follow steps 1-3 and choose <CARDSTOCK>  (this will reduce the speed of the printer even further and is usually the slowest setting)


PLEASE NOTE:  If you do NOT see any of the settings/options listed above, please use the recommended driver, which is PCL5 or PCL5e.



User Manual (MILT 3.0)

PDF version of the MILT 3.0 User Manual release 3.0.04.

Training Movies (MILT 3.0)

This series of short movies show how MILT 3.0 can be used for all your unit dose and labeling needs.

Demo Software (MILT 3.0)

Full featured version of the software  (prints a "DEMO" watermark on each label.)
    1. Run MILT 3.0 Demo
    2. Unzip to a folder (default = C:\MILT30DEMO\ )
    3. Run SETUP.EXE from the unzipped folder (default = C:\MILT30DEMO\setup.exe )
    4. Accept all of the default settings
    5. User ID: SUP     Password: medi
    6. NOTE - To minimize the download size, the NDC database is not included, but may be added by following these instructions.

Auxiliary Images

Our custom designed Auxiliary Images can be added to your patterns and printed on any of our supported label types.To install the images, visit

Support Files

May resolve specific issues. Use only under the guidance of a Medi-Dose Support Technician!

Zebra Direct Thermal Printer.

NDC Database Updates.

A new MILT NDC Database Update is posted quarterly and is provided free of charge. The same NDC update works with all versions of our software.

IV Profile Software.

Demo Versions:

Micro Automation offers conscientious product support. Customer service is always one-on-one, and requests for software customizations, particularly for custom label formats, will be considered. "Bug" reports will be posted here as soon as they are discovered and "bug" fixes posted soon after. If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed, please take the time to email with a detailed description of your problem. If you cannot receive support via e-mail or you are experiencing a problem that requires immediate attention, please call Don Wolfe, Micro Automation support, at (253) 227-3133.

Known Issues:
  • Error 9 - Subscript out of range while printing: This error has occurred when batch printing IV labels and will cause the batch print job to halt. It has been reported only for the Hospital version of the IV Profile/Label software, but it could possibly occur in the Home Care version, as well.
    • The cause: Occasionally users will accidentally embed control characters in the Order Schedule field. The printer driver does not know how to handle these characters and will halt with the above error.
    • The fix: If you experience this problem, determine the IV order for the next label that should have printed when the print job halted. Either delete the offending IV order and re-enter it, or alternatively, edit the order by "blanking" the Schedule field (press CTL-B while the cursor is in the Schedule field) and re-enter the appropriate due times.
  • Error 6 – Overflow: This error can occur with older versions of EPS-IV 7.0HC. The cause: The variable originally defined for the value of prescription numbers cannot accommodate values greater than 32,767.
    • The fix: If you experience this problem, please contact Don Wolfe, Micro Automation support, immediately. The only resolution to this problem is to obtain a more current version of EPS-IV 7.0HC.

Prior Software Versions.

Full featured demo software (adds DEMO watermark):

1. Download and run the desired version
2. Unzip downloaded file to a folder
3. Run SETUP.EXE from the unzipped folder
4. Accept all of the default settings
5. User ID: SUP Password: medi

Technical Support.

Hours: Monday - Friday / 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time 
(GMT -05:00, Philadelphia PA, Daylight Saving Time Observed )

Request Support

Phone: 800-523-8966